Appointment of Chief Accountant for Enterprises April 2021

You are an accountant, you want to:

? Improve accounting knowledge and skills.

?Improve financial management thinking, financial advisory capacity for your business.

? Want to advance in his career.

? Want to be more appreciated in the process of applying for key positions in the business with attractive salaries.

Take part in the course: "Business Chief Accountant" organized by Webketoan Service Center in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City Accounting Association (HAA).



Subjects: Those who are in charge of accounting, general accountant, chief accountant or deputy chief accountant but have not yet obtained a certificate of chief accountant training as prescribed by the Ministry of Finance.

Conditions:  to be certified by the Ministry of Finance

Having professional qualifications in finance, accounting or auditing from Intermediate level or higher and having actual working time in finance, accounting and auditing as follows:

      ? At least 2 years or more from the date indicated on the University diploma;

     ? A minimum of 3 years or more from the date indicated on the Intermediate or College diploma.

Admission profile:

Content: includes 11 topics according to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance

1 . Laws related to business

2 . Corporate financial management

3 . Tax laws

4 . Investment project appraisal

5 . Payment & guarantee credit relations between enterprises and banks & financial institutions

  *** Check out part 1

6 . Law on accounting

7 . Accounting work organization & role and duties of business chief accountants

8 . Corporate financial accounting

9 . Accounting business management organization

10 . Financial report & corporate financial analysis

11 . Auditing & auditing corporate financial statements

  *** Check out part 2

Time: months - Evening: 2,4,6 weekly - From 17h45 '- 20h45'

Opening ceremony: April 26, 2021

Lecturers: Lecturers with long-term experience, with Master's and Doctoral degrees

Fees: 2.000 .000 e cancellable / course

?  Students who register and pay before the start of April 26 receive 5% off


Location: Classroom at 142 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Ward 6 District 3 HCMC

Students register and pay according to the following information: 

Account holder: Nguyen Hai Tam - STK: 0071001984155 - Vietcombank, Ho Chi Minh Branch.
Money transfer syntax: KTT_Full name_Name_phone number


✔  Be well-trained and able to confidently do the accounting tasks in the business.

✔  Students are allowed to join the Chief Accountant Club organized by Webketoan to connect & be supported during their work. (Only Webketoan students can be granted)

✔  Get a certificate from the Ministry of Finance if you meet the conditions (Intermediate, College, University majoring in Finance, Accounting, Auditing has been in practice accounting for more than 2 years University; 3 years for Intermediate and College - from the date on the diploma).