Reviewing and renewing accounting document services

Reviewing and renewing accounting document services

Reviewing and renewing accounting documents are problems that always lead many businesses to difficulty because of accounting errors made. Understanding this issue, WEBKETOAN SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY provides accounting reviewing and renewing accounting document services to help businesses solve storages, problems in accounting records, adjust and supply actual accounting documents to suit management information and tax declaration books.



The main reasons lead to business accounting books to be confused and inaccurate?

- The accountant leaves the job interrupt, leaving the tasks have not been handled so the working leads to overlapping together.

- Businesses operating in the fields of production, construction, and trade often generate a large volume of transactions and invoice documents. Businesses do not have enough staff to control operations so the workload increases more and more day by day.
- The business has just been established so lacks a budget for the accounting system.
- The most worrying cause is the lack of qualified professional accountants, leading to the erroneous accounting document system, the management also becomes difficult and leads to problems with the tax agency when the year-end settlement is due.
- Circulars, decrees or policies about law were changed frequently, it makes the accounting department not update in time and inaccurate.




These reasons make businesses fall into a difficult and costly situation. Understanding the problems that businesses are facing, WEBKETOAN SERVICES JOINT STOCK COMPANY provides customers with "reviewing and renewing accounting document service". The main aims are to promptly solve difficulties in processing accounting data, helping businesses focus on keeping business development.
When customers use the service of reviewing and renewing accounting document services of WEBKETOAN SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, our accountants will perform as the following tasks:

- Examining and reviewing tax reports, customs declarations and documents
- We will re-working, adjust, advice to comply with tax, accounting, and social insurance laws
- On behalf of business to represent to explain and work with tax agency directly
- Inspect and collect accounting reports and information data from employees in charge of the company.
- Check and record the transaction recognition then review the appropriateness of presentation and disclosure of the financial statements prepared by the company in accordance with Vietnamese Accounting Standards.
- We will identify and report problems and propose corrections on the financial statements. Review accounting inconsistencies to complete the accounting system.
- Review unusual or complicated situations that may affect the report's results

In addition, in the process of reviewing and renewing accounting documents,WEBKETOAN SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY will discuss more information with customers on matters, issues and contents related to accounting, tax, goods, documents in business activities.

When are businesses should use the reviewing and renewing accounting document services?

- Businesses have received tax inspection decisions for many years from the tax agency and do not arrange the person in charge for handling this task timely.
- Businesses invite tax agencies to inspect tax documents and reports actively.
- Business owners are not assured about the current accounting document system.
- Businesses need a company providing accounting and tax consulting services with many years of experience to review and advise whether the tax policy that they are applying is appropriate or not.
- Businesses perform tax finalization at the end of the year and need the company to provide full-service.It will be more saving and optimizing costly as well.

Using our reviewing and renewing accounting document services, the businesses will feel secure when working with a tax agency. Business will also have more time to focus on production and business development.

We hope that this texting will help your company have an overview about reviewing and renewing accounting documents. 


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