Chief accountant service for businesses

Chief accountant service for businesses

Under the provisions of the Accounting Law, all companies have to appoint chief accountants immediately from the beginning of establishment. But many businesses do not have enough people for this position - chief accountant so they have to hire chief accountants from others. However, individuals holding the position of a chief accountant are required to meet the required standards and positions, especially in compliance with the provisions of the accounting law.
To meet many business demands, WEBKETOAN SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY provides chief accountant service to help businesses comply with the regulations of the government.


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Chief accountant service:

Most businesses use the service of hiring chief accountants as merely a form of legalization of regulations. Using this service can ensure the quality of the work of the accounting department.

The benefits that the chief accountant service brings:

  • - The Chief Accountant helps the business to comply with the provisions of law.
  • - Perform the role of chief accountant: Sign and take responsibility for accounting documents and reports
  • - We will advise on tax law, accounting, labor, social insurance, health insurance, and unemployment insurance
  • - On behalf of the business, we will explain to the tax agency if needed.
  • - We are in charge of supervising and ensuring the working quality of the accounting department in the company.

Moreover, for small and medium businesses, hiring a chief accountant to work full time will raise the cost higher for the business so that’s the reason why they have to consider before recruiting. Using the chief accountant service is one of the best solutions that contribute to reducing expenses for the Company and maximizing the use of human resources.
In the lack of a chief accountant in the company, the chief accountant service is also an immediate solution - helping businesses fill the staff vacancies as well as secure the accounting department's job in the company.
Using the chief accountant service helps your business have an experienced staff, take over control of the work, and have full legal status to sign the documents and reports.

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The tasks of chief accountant: 

  • - The chief accountant is responsible for checking all accounting documents, accounting records, declarations, and accounting data monthly
  • - Control accounting documents to avoid missing situations. If there is any loss, the chief accountant has to give a timely treatment plan to avoid undesired damage to the business.
  • - Control and comply with the submission of monthly, quarterly and annual value-added tax reports according to the tax obligations of the businesses
  • - Control and complete the accounting document reporting system
  • - Control and advise provisional corporate income tax return
  • - Control, advise and make annual financial statements and year-end settlement
  • - Ensure stability, continuity in financial management
  • - Consulting on changing accounting data by the law and bringing benefits to the business
  • - Consulting and monitoring the financial and accounting system
  • - Periodic management report to the business owner

List and summary tax risks for activities arising in the business and production process to the businesses. Meanwhile, we also suggest the solutions advise, support, and deal with problems for business owners

Working and explaining with the tax agency directly when corporate tax finalization within the scope of work by WEBKETOAN SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANY provided

The Chief Accountant is authorized to sign on the accounting records under their responsibility according to the provisions of law.
With all of the tasks made by a chief accountant, WEBKETOAN SERVICES JOINT STOCK COMPANY ensures that our chief accountant service will bring the satisfaction that businesses are aiming for. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on this service!


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